Joanne Adams - Donor Sperm Bank Manager

Joanne Adams

Donor Sperm Bank Manager

Joanne is especially passionate about sperm donation and manages our highly-successful sperm donor bank. She's also nationally active on issues relating to the recruitment of sperm donors.

Joanne also specialises in the treatment of sperm disorders. She is a Trustee of the Seed Trust Charity, which provides vital support to donors, intended parents, and surrogates involved in donor treatment.

Joanne says: "Many men who could be donors simply don't realise there's such a shortage of donor sperm. Through our ongoing campaign, we are one of the few clinics in the UK to have no waiting list for treatment with donor sperm."

Sam Edney - Senior Reproductive Technologist

Sam Edney

Senior Reproductive Technologist

Sam works at Semovo as a Senior Reproductive Technologist. His role is split between working with donors to get samples analysed and released for patient use, communicating with patients, and arranging transfers to clinics for those in need.

Before this role, Sam had been studying at The University of Sheffield. For his undergraduate degree, he read Biochemistry and then studied Reproductive and Developmental Medicine for his Masters.

Sam says: I thoroughly enjoyed my studies, and the work on my Masters inspired me to pursue a career in the field of fertility. Meeting such altruistic donors and helping them actualise their dreams of helping people conceive is why I love doing what I do. I feel I play an important role in providing happiness to both the donor's and patients' lives.

Daniela Nesheva - Reproductive Technologist

Daniela Nesheva

Reproductive Technologist

Daniela joined Semovo in August 2021 as a Reproductive Technologist and will be primarily based at the Semovo clinic in Glasgow.

Daniela graduated with a BSc(Hons) degree in Reproductive Biology from the University of Edinburgh and a Masters in Clinical Embryology and ART MSc from the University of Leeds.

Daniela says:‘’ I have always found working in the fertility sector highly rewarding and impactful on the patients’ quality of life. I am honoured that I have the opportunity to help patients who cannot conceive to help find their donors. The excitement I feel when I find out that a woman is pregnant with the help of one of our donors is unlike anything else I have experienced before.’’

Charlotte Storti - Reproductive Technologist

Charlotte Storti

Reproductive Technologist

Charlotte joined Semovo in November as a Reproductive Technologist. Charlotte previously studied Biomolecular Science as an undergraduate whilst working part-time in a pharmacy.

Her job is to guide donors through the process from their initial enquiry to becoming a donor.

Charlotte says: "It’s very rewarding to see how happy both the donors and patients are at the end of the process."

Zara Graham - Reproductive Technologist

Zara Graham

Reproductive Technologist

Zara is a dedicated Reproductive Technologist here at Semovo. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Medical Biochemistry and an MSc in Reproductive and Developmental Medicine, from the University of Sheffield.

During her academic journey, Zara's enthusiasm for andrology was ignited through her MSc lab research project, an experience that laid the foundation for her commitment to the field. In her role at Semovo, Zara's primary responsibilities include guiding sperm donors through the process of donation as well as the analysis and cryopreservation of samples to be then used in treatment.

Zara finds her work exceptionally rewarding, saying, "I find it a very rewarding role and feel privileged to help patients find their donors and start achieving their dream of creating their family."

Hannah Cleaver - Reproductive Technologist

Hannah Cleaver

Reproductive Technologist

Hannah joined Semovo as a Reproductive Technologist in May 2024. She previously worked in a microbiology lab for the NHS and as an Embryology Administrator at another fertility clinic, gaining valuable experience.

Hannah holds a First Class BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science from Liverpool John Moore's University and is currently pursuing an MSc in Clinical Embryology there. She is passionate about Reproductive Science, often reading scientific journals and attending online courses on IVF and fertility treatments.

At Semovo, Hannah guides potential sperm donors through the donation process, analyses and cryopreserves donor sperm, and manages the transport of cryopreserved sperm to other UK clinics.

Hannah says: "I enjoy this role because I feel very privileged to help donors and patients achieve their goal of creating families. As someone who identifies as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, I wish to treat patients and donors how I wish to be treated when it is my turn to have fertility treatment – with respect, dignity, and compassion."

Ellie Fallows - Donor Programme Assistant

Ellie Fallows

Donor Programme Assistant

Ellie joined Semovo in March 2021 as a Donor Programme Assistant. Ellie guides our sperm donors through their donation journey, from when they first submit their initial application through to potentially donating.

She says: "when I see that a donor has helped create a family for somebody, it puts into perspective my role here at Semovo. I feel privileged to know that I have helped somebody create a family; it’s such a wonderful clinic to be a part of."

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