About Semovo

We’re the sperm donation specialists.

Created by the team from Manchester Fertility - whose sperm donor programme Semovo became one of the UK’s most successful, award-winning donor sperm banks – Semovo aims to alleviate the shortage of donor sperm in the UK.

Through our network of regional donation clinics, we’re making it more convenient than ever for men to become sperm donors, whilst ensuring that all those who need donor sperm can start a family.

Whether they’re single women, same-sex couples or couples who need donor sperm because of male infertility, they rely on sperm donors - men like you - to help change their lives.

You’ll find you’re never ‘just another donor’ when you join Semovo. You’re giving someone the greatest gift they are ever likely to receive – the hope of a child – so you can be reassured that you’ll always be given the dignity, respect and first-class care you deserve.

We’ll give you all the information you need to help you decide if donating your sperm is right for you. We’ll support you at every stage, from the moment of application and throughout the sperm donation process, so you always know what to expect, and ensure you understand what being a sperm donor really means through implications counselling.

Donate your sperm with confidence and apply to become a Semovo sperm donor. Find out more about the sperm donation process, and if you meet the criteria to be a sperm donor. Questions? Read our FAQs or contact our friendly team. Email donate@semovo.co.uk or call us on 0345 266 0020.

Meet our experts

In order to treat our donors in the best possible way, Semovo have a wide range of expertise in different roles, all which work together help achieve people reaching their goal of becoming a family


Donor Programme Co-ordinator

My job is to help you go smoothly and quickly through the application process



You will get to know me quite well as I look after you and your samples at every donation visit and do the “biology bit”



It’s my job to make sure you are medically fit and healthy to become a Semovo donor



I’m here to make sure you fully understand what it’s like to be a donor and to make sure you’re supported throughout the process

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