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At Semovo, we believe in the extraordinary power of sperm donation to transform lives and create families. With this commitment at the forefront of everything we do, we've expanded our reach to six locations across the UK, making it easier than ever for you to play an important role in someone's journey to parenthood.

If you’ve recently decided to become a sperm donor, you may be wondering what the donation timeline looks like, for example, how long it will take to donate and how often you may be required to visit the clinic. We’re here to assure you that sperm donation can be a very flexible and rewarding experience. Even though sperm donation does require you to invest time into the process, Semovo sperm donors can work with our team to determine a donation plan that works for you, depending on your schedule -allowing you to continue the process at a convenient pace for you, your career and your personal commitments.

In October 2023, the UK will see the first wave of donor-conceived people accessing specific, identifiable information about the donor involved in their conception since the change in legislation in April 2005 removing donor anonymity. If you are a sperm donor, you may already be preparing for the release of your information, much like the donor-conceived people considering whether or not they wish to access information about the sperm donor involved in their conception. What is important to remember is that no matter which side of the process you’ve experienced, we’re always here to offer support and guide you through the process.

It’s annual Fertility Week in the UK! By donating your sperm, you could help someone to still become a Dad and enable a couple to have a much longed-for child together.

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