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June is LGBT+ Pride Month, an international time of celebration for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals all around the world. As we have many wonderful sperm donors who are part of the LGBT+ community, we’re celebrating their commitment to helping others by exploring how sperm donation can impact the lives of LGBT+ people.

Semovo is a leading UK donor Sperm bank with a network of regional clinics located in some of the UK’s largest cities i.e. Manchester, Liverpool, Wigan, Leeds and Glasgow. We provide the highest standards of care for our donors, who play a crucial role in assisting those requiring donor sperm to start a family.

Donating sperm has a life-altering impact on individuals and families who can't conceive naturally to start or further grow their families. Here at Semovo, we know that giving the gift of life is a rewarding act of kindness carried out by committed and altruistic donors. As one of the country's leading sperm banks, we ensure all our donors know what's involved in becoming a sperm donor, from the medical screening and analysis to what donors can expect when a child born from their donation turns 18. In this blog, we explore six aspects that make a good sperm donor. So, if you have ever thought about donating sperm, we're here to let you know what it takes

As we look forward to the possibilities a New Year holds, many of us reflect on our lives and set resolutions aimed at self-improvement. If you are contemplating ways to make a positive impact beyond yourself, consider a resolution that goes beyond the usual diet and exercise routines—become a sperm donor with Semovo. Your decision could change lives and fulfil the dreams of those longing to start a family.

The mention of sperm banks and sperm donation can sometimes cause a giggle. However, more often than not, the nature of the process sparks genuine curiosity and many valid questions. If you are considering sperm donation, you might feel a little embarrassed to ask specific questions about the process. But rest assured, you shouldn't be!

At Semovo, we believe in the extraordinary power of sperm donation to transform lives and create families. With this commitment at the forefront of everything we do, we've expanded our reach to six locations across the UK, making it easier than ever for you to play an important role in someone's journey to parenthood.

At Semovo, we want to ensure those hoping to receive your sperm donation have the highest chances of a successful pregnancy and a healthy child. A family medical history is integral to this process, and we want to help our donors prepare this information. However, sometimes our donors are not sure what information is relevant. That's why we've compiled our handy guide to completing your family medical history to support potential sperm donors like you on their journey.

Men’s Health Week is an annual event, celebrated to give men access to the information and services they need to live healthier, longer and more fulfilling lives. This Men’s Health Week, which takes place from the 12th – 18th June, we want to offer advice that won’t just maximise your sperm health ahead of your donations – but will help you feel good too! If you've donated with us, you'll know just how sensitive your sperm can be. If not, you may be surprised to learn that any number of things, from stress to fatigue, or a lack of exercise, can affect the quality and quantity of your sperm. Discover what lifestyle changes you can make this Men’s Health Week to maximise your sperm health, and by extension your general wellbeing, ahead of your donations.

We are often asked questions about what a Reproductive Technologist gets up to daily and what their job entails. We sat down with Sam to see what a day in the life of a Senior Reproductive Technologist for a sperm donation bank looks like and give you an insight into what goes on in our lab on a busy magical day.

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